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2015. május 18., hétfő

Economical and social characterization of region of the North Great Plain


-population: 1,550,000 people
-population density: 87.5 p/
-population of the North Great Plain is constant the annual variation is only 0.03%.
-unemployment: 90,000 people are not employed
-there are not small cities: people live in villages and large cities,
  this evolved under the Turkish Reign
-Gipsy population is about 50,000
-religion.-1,150,000 people are members of a religious group
- the most popular churches-Catholic /550,000 p./   
-Calvinist /550,000 p./

The Global Air Circulation

On the sphere-shaped gömb alakú Earth warming up differs at the different places. It is the strongest along the Equator, and the weakest at the poles, and due to this the air pressure is low at the Equator and high at the poles. Low pressure zones form in the district of the latitude 60 and high pressure zones around the latitude 30. Due to the cyclones and anticyclones forming in the jet streams, the moving of the air is ascending (low-pressured zones) and descending (high-p.z.).


Europe lies mainly ont he northern and eastern hemisphere, but a little part of it lies ont he western one as well. Europe ont he east tightly belongs to Asia that is why it is sometimes called the peninsula of Asia. Their common name is Eurasia.


Definition: Open-surfaced stagnant water that fills a depression that is closed from every                       


területe : 9mill. 363.123 km majdnem akkora, mint Európa területe. Nagyából 1mill. km-rel  kisebb. A 4. nagyságú országa a földnek.
Népessége : 260,8 mill. fő.
Átlagos népsűrűség : 27fő / km

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