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A következő címkéjű bejegyzések mutatása: angol. Összes bejegyzés megjelenítése
A következő címkéjű bejegyzések mutatása: angol. Összes bejegyzés megjelenítése

2016. okt. 22.

Amerikai barát egri kirándulása

-You look worried,what's you problem?
+ There's something I want to discuss with you. You know, tomorrow is the last day of my American friend's stay in Hungary. I am planning something special for her. I have decided to take her to see a sight, she hasn't visited yet.

2016. okt. 20.

Szituáció: Nyári tábor kiválasztása

- Hi xy, you look worried! Have you got any problems? 
+No,not really. But I have to decide which summer school camp I want to go.
- What are the possibilites?

2016. okt. 19.

Szituáció: TV csatornák

- Hi XY! What’s up?
+ I am OK, but I have a difficult problem to solve.
- Oh, what is your problem?
+ We have only 3 Hungarian TV channels at home. We would like to watch a wider variety of TV programmes. We will subscribe to a cable TV package and I have to choose 4 TV programmes.
- Which TV channels can you choose from?

2016. okt. 18.

Szituáció: Díj választása

- Hi...! What has happened to you recently?
+ Imagine, I have won a poetry competition at my school.
- Really? What did you get?
+ I can choose from 3 different prizes.

2016. okt. 17.

Szituáció: Utazás a Hortobágyra

-        Hi, Paul, you look very serious, what is in your mind?
+        Hi, David! You Know, we are organising a one-day trip.
-        Oh, that’s great! Where will you go?
+        We haven’t decided it yet. There are three possible destination, we can go to H.N.P. , to a museum in Bp. or to the ’Kis Balaton Nemzeti Park’.
-        Which one do you prefer?

2016. okt. 16.

Szituáció: Kisállat

 -        Hi Zsolt, you look worried, what’s your problem?
+        My problem is the very same I had yesterday I would like to get a new pet.
-        I don’t think it is a good idea, but let’s have a talk about it! First of all, what kind of pet would you like to have?

2016. okt. 15.

Szituáció: Barát elköltözik

Hi …! You look worried, what’s your problem?
+ You know, one of my friends has decided to move to an other town of the country.
Where exactly?

2016. okt. 14.

Szituáció: Mozi látogatás

- Hi ......! Don't you think that it was a really hard week?
+Yes, this week was very tiring. We should relax somehow. What about going to the cinema?
- Oh it's a good idea. Which film should we watch?
+ In the nearby cinema the Die Hard 6 is on.

2016. okt. 13.


Nowadays computers are used in all fields of life. You can find them in banks, post offices, shops, hospitals, restaurants, pharmacies, libraries, offices, factories, homes and so on.

2016. okt. 12.


Every day hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel to work, to school, or on business. Many people travel for pleasure and travelling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. Travelling is also an interesting way of spending holidays. In every season of the year the airports, railway stations, seaports, and bus stops are full of people travelling for long or short distances.

2016. okt. 11.

Free time activities: Watching TV

 Young people prefer films to books. I can watch a film with my friends and my family but I can only read a book when I am alone.

2016. okt. 10.


I always listen to the radio in the mornings while I’m in the bathroom and while I’m on the bus to school. The radio is on my mobile phone.
My favourite Hungarian radio station is Class FM because I like music programmes. Class FM is a commercial radio station and there is always lots of music on it. I think this station is really popular with young people.

2016. okt. 9.

Visit to a hospital

During  last summer, one of my friends had an accident and was taken to hospital. When I went to see him, I went to the hospital for the very first time in my life.

2016. okt. 8.

Eating habits

  1.    Eating habits in the family
I’d like to hear something about the meals you and your family usually have.

2016. okt. 7.

Choosing a career

Choosing a career is a very important step in everybody's life. Most children and some students don't have clear ideas about their future job. Boys usually want to be pilots, astronauts, designers,
architects, soldiers. Girls on the other hand dream about  becoming actresses, singers, ballet - dancers, dressmakers, nurses or teachers. Some children want to follow their parents or parents want their children to work in the same line as they did.

2016. okt. 6.

Part time jobs

Yes, I’ve already had a paid job at the ZOO, in Budapest, in summer.  I was at the house of palms and I had to help people working there. I could help almost everywhere.

2016. okt. 5.

Learning foreign languages

In Hungary there are two compulsory foreign languages at secondary grammar schools whereas only one is taught in secondary technical schools. That’s why people start learning languages there.

2016. okt. 4.

Town & Country

Living in the country and living in the city are two very different lifestyles. They both have
advantages and disadvantages in many areas.

2016. okt. 3.


I live in a beautiful, small town called Tiszafüred. It is not far from river Tisza. A lot of tourists visit this place year by year, and they wonder about the nature. About 12.000 people live here.

2016. okt. 2.

Our home

1.Do you live in a house or a flat?
1.I live in a flat on the third floor in a block of flats on a housing estate with my parents and my cat.

2.What is your flat like?
2.We have a fairy flat with two rooms.When you enter the house, there is a hall.We have a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and a small balcony.
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